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The Captain Patrick J. Brown Memorial Foundation's New Website

A Message from Carolyn Brown:

 Hello friends.

 Please take a moment to vote for Patrick. He is our

cousin Jimmy Brown's son and and is named after my

brother Patrick "Paddy" Brown.

 He really needs ALL of our help!


Patrick, 7, was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months and is delayed in every area of development. He has recently shown interest in riding a bike but due to his low
muscle tone and motor planning issues he is unable to pedal and steer a bicycle
on his own. A buddy bike would allow him to experience riding a bicycle
with his family. Patrick also has no awareness of danger and could not safely ride a bicycle if he could learn. The buddy bike would allow us the control over the
bike so that we could protect him while en
abling the joy of riding a bike!
Please help us win the buddy bike for Patrick!

Click Here to Vote and/or Donate.
[The Contest ends March 4th]


The 2015 Game marks the end of an era of bringing
in Vets from all over the country to enjoy a three day weekend in New York and on Long Island.
2015 will be our 10th and final year for this event.
"It was a fun run", remarks Carolyn Brown.
With help from many NY Firefighters along the way
we had the honor of bringing in many disabled war vets. All had nothing but praise for the whole weekend. Well we have nothing but praise for them and their courage.

2015 Alumni Weekend
The 3 day weekend, (well really 4 days) commencing
 Friday April 10th and ending on Monday April 14th
will be the last time we host these honorable men
and women. And this one will be the best!
We are inviting all of our past "alumni"
to take part in the weekend plus 3 new Heroes.
The new guys get to stay at The Marriott while the rest will have to fend for themselves.
Accommodations will be set up at local Volley Houses near the Coliseum and other locations.
Everyone will get to attend the pre-game ceremony on the ice and of course "the game" courtesy of the FDNY Hockey Team. A special donation will be presented to the FDNY Hockey Team sometime during the weekend. It is proving to be an emotional and gratifying weekend.
And because of last year's game
it will a heavily attended contest.
Theresa Sareo will be back to sing our National Anthem and bring the crowd to a frenzy.
So think of putting the 2015 April 12th Date
on your calendar and plan to come to NYC and
Long Island for a great day with
America's Heroes, a day you won't soon forget!
(now read below and peruse the pictures
from the 2014 contest)
Oh Yes we have heard all the hype of the bench clearing brawl at the FDNY/NYPD Hockey Game on Sunday April 6th at the Nassau Coliseum.
But before, during and after there was much more hype hanging out with America's Bravest.
Four Wounded Veterans joined us for a weekend in New York and Long Island and enjoyed themselves immensely. US Army Capt. Mark Little and
Staff Sgt. Mike Cain remarked during the donneybrook, if they need extra players they could fill in. Both soldiers are members of the
Warrior Ice Hockey Team.
Oh yeah they are both double amputees,
but not a problem they both can skate
with grace and check as hard as anybody out there.
USMC Sgt. BJ Ganem, a left leg amputee and a member of the Warriors Arena Football Team also volunteered. Luckily not one player was ejected due to fighting and the game went on with the Cops winning 8-5. Of course the score didn't matter when it was reported on all of the major networks
later on they only showed the brawl
and omitted the score.
US Army Sgt. Garrett Anderson, a right arm amputee
and Wife, Sam enjoyed the game from the comfort
of front row seats. Garrett was here 4 years ago for an FDNY win and enjoyed drinking out of the
FDNY Trophy, but it was not to be today.
Joining BJ was his daughter, Mackenzie who also enjoyed the game as well as sites in NYC.
The day before we all went to the Freedom Tower after a tour of the 9-11 Memorial Plaza.
Many Thanks to the Port Authority PD for arranging the visit. All of the Vets were thankful for getting to go up in the tower and they all got to sign the wall on the 80th floor, it was a very emotional scene.
Also, thanks to Frank Teale of Ladder 11 for transporting all of us around Manhattan on Saturday. We met Frank at the hockey game on Sunday along with many other NYC Firefighters
at all the tailgate parties.
The FDNY Hockey Team was again most gracious in treating the Vets to a free day of Hockey beginning with a breakfast prior to the game.
We all met at an after party at Champions and many of those present got to drink from Mark Little's leg.
It was a fun weekend.
Now for the Stars of this weekend,
well the Vets take top billing,
Mark, Mike, Garrett and BJ got to hear thunderous applause when they walked onto the ice in a pre-game ceremony. Next up:
Theresa Sareo sang to them and a crowd of
10,000 plus, Our National Anthem.
She sings with such great inspiration and emotion.
It got the crowd "UP" for the game.
Theresa received the most accolades following
the contest both at the game
and the post game parties.
Now someone who works behind the scenes also deserves a Star of the Game is none other than
our Photographer, "Xio" pronounced
"Zee-O". She put it all together in a link to
You Tube which you can click on below.
Thanks to all of you for coming and next year,
which will be our last year, well everyone is invited back. It will be dubbed Alumni Weekend going back to 2005 when it was started.
So here is the link to an emotional Video
of our weekend, enjoy!
Wounded Warrior Weekend

Capt Mark Little has started a new organization
entitled "Warrior 360"
Click on the link above to go to it.
We hope you can help him in his new endeavor.

             "WE CELEBRATE

               PADDY BROWN"

The Benefit


was a great success!
All that attended had a great time!
Many Thanks to Larry Monachelli and his Staff at Rigby's for another great time.

LeadershipUnderFire.com / The Paddy Brown Program*
(click for link thereto)


The Paddy Brown Program - Overview
Situation:  The chronic economic recession in the United States coupled with a military drawdown leaves many of our post-9/11 veterans extremely challenged to find adequate and fulfilling employment in what will soon be a post "War on Terror" period. This dynamic is contrary to the favorable opportunities that the veterans of World War II, the Korean War and event Vietnam enjoyed. Many of the young men and women who selflessly served our nation post-9/11 would greatly benefit from the opportunity to join and excel in the fire rescue service. The fire service affords our post-9/11 military veterans with a natural transition from the military to a similar response oriented profession deeply rooted in the virtues of service and sacrifice. The recession induced staffing cutbacks to metropolitan fire departments have made the entry process for a historically coveted occupation even more competitive. Our nation's post-9/11 veterans, the U.S. fire service and our American communities would benefit greatly from a strategic campaign that offers veterans increased access to employment opportunities in the fire and rescue service. Currently no such campaign or holistic program exists.


"Harper's Ferry"
performed Live and they were Grand!
(they are a splinter band of the Sporting Paddies)

Their mission:
To Honor the shared bond between the Fire Service and
our Nation's Military by affording Post 9-11 Veterans increased access
to employment opportunities in the professional Fire and Rescue Service.
(The Project Honors the Iconic Legacy of FDNY Captain Paddy Brown
who made the Supreme Sacrifice on 9-11-01.
Paddy's transition from the battlefield as a US Marine in Vietnam
to the Professional Fire Service fostered
a lifelong commitment to Public Service.)

100,000 HITS
-A Milestone in Our History-
Thanks to all who have visited our page and who continue to return and
Pay Tribute to the Memories of
FDNY Captain Patrick J. Brown

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